Beta 4-strokes get big updates for 2015

Publish Date: 
Jun 24, 2014

PASO ROBLES, Calif. – Beta USA’s 2015 model lineup introduces significant changes for the four-stroke models and small updates to the two-stroke RR models. Beta will release pricing in early July.

Four-stroke RR models
The four-stroke RR models (350 RR EFI, 390 RR, 430 RR and 480 RR) have a long list of updates, many of which are taken from the 2014 RR Factory models. Beta aimed to develop a motorcycle that was lighter, easier to control and had better handling characteristics.

Weight savings and reduced rotating mass were achieved with a lighter, redesigned engine center case and internal components. Virtually every aspect of the engine has been redesigned or modified for 2015.

Engine sizes were reduced, as well, although Beta says the power and torque figures remain the same as those on the previous model thanks to a new camshaft profile and exhaust system. The 350’s size remains the same, but the 400 has been reduced to 390cc, the 450 is now 430cc and the 498 has 480cc.

Another significant change for the 350 RR EFI is the introduction of electronic fuel injection. Beta developed the system with Synerject, and it has a 42mm-diameter throttle body.

In the suspension department, the Sachs forks have a new compression piston for improved oil flow and progressive shock absorption. A new spring-support release system, redesigned sleeves and bushings, redesigned spring profile and adjusted valving are other changes. The rear shock was not forgotten: it has a new internal piston for improved oil flow and reduced overheating.

A softer seat and updated graphics are other changes to the 2015 four-stroke RR models.

RS Dual Sport
The RS Dual Sport four-stroke models have the same engine, frame and suspension as the RR bikes. Like the RR line, the RS line also has different displacements for 2015: 390, 430 and 500.

Each model comes with a Voyager GPS unit that includes the tachometer, engine coolant temperature, compass, air temperature and maps. The RS models also have a cooling fan kit and Michelin Enduro tires.

Two-stroke RR models
Beta’s 250 two-stroke has technical updates and the 300 has special parts taken from the 2014 racing model. Beta says their intent was to increase the smoothness and improve power across the rpm range.

The 300 RR’s engine comes from the 2014 racing model and includes a new cylinder, combustion chamber and CDI. The exhaust port is reduced and the power valve has better sealing, resulting in improved throttle response.

The 250 RR has a modified exhaust valve adjustment system, so that the two springs in parallel match the 300 engine. A new silencer has a smaller diameter internal pipe.

The forks and rear shock on the two-strokes have received the same upgrades as those on the four-strokes. The softer seat and updated graphics have carried over, too.

Beta is also continuing their Build Your Own Beta (BYOB) program for 2015. The program allows buyers to custom build their new Beta online. The custom Beta is shipped to the Beta dealer of their choice about thirty days after the customer's order has been submitted.

From a press release.