Big Dog Motorcycles Offers New Retail Incentive

Big Dog Motorcycles, the leading manufacturer of high performance, high style motorcycles, has launched an all-new retail incentive: Wind Chill: 4,000 Below, which provides new buyers manufacturer’s cash allowances of up to $4,000 on remaining new 2008 and 2007 models.

“Every motorcycle we have recently brought to the market is high performance, going from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds; fuel efficient, at over 40 miles per gallon; and high style, complete with handpainted individuality. All backed by a 15 year-old company. This new incentive is an extra reason to ride one of our bikes,” says Paul Hansen, Big Dog Motorcycles’ marketing director. “The incentive helps makes our motorcycles more accessible to more people wanting to experience ownership, especially in today’s economy.”

Cash Allowances of the new “Wind Chill: 4,000 Below” Incentive Program, effective now, include:

  • $4,000: 2008 Pitbull
  • $3,000: 2007 Bulldog, Chopper, Mastiff, Pitbull
  • $2,000: 2008 Mutt, Mastiff and Ridgeback, and 2007 K-9
  • $1,500: 2007 K-9

  • “Now is the best time to buy one of our bikes,” Hansen continued. “The new program offers customers and unparalleled value on Big Dog Motorcycles’ high style, high performance lineup.”