Big St. Charles Motorsports won't provide stunt space for weekend rally

Publish Date: 
Aug 29, 2013

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Big St. Charles Motorsports will not offer space to stunt riders in town this weekend during the area's Ride of the Century, sponsored by Streetfighterz Productions. A motorcycle checkpoint erected this year across the street from the dealership reportedly fueled the decision.

“We made a decision to pull back and not have a sportbike day that day because we felt like we would be harassing a good majority of our customers by having something like [a checkpoint] take place,” General Manager Terry MacCauley told KTVI

Authorities are warning stunt riders to obey the law when more than 4,000 of them converge on the city this weekend for one of the largest sportbike rallies in the nation. Local police departments will again mount a coordinated safety effort with the Missouri Highway Patrol and MODOT. 

The main ride is scheduled for 2 p.m. Sept. 1, to begin on the St. Louis Riverfront at the graffiti floodwall at the foot of Chouteau Street.

Police plan to issue tickets for careless and imprudent driving if riders violate traffic laws, including traveling the wrong way on an interstate. They are also prepared to seize bikes that don’t meet legal standards or if they find they were stolen.

Posted by Holly Wagner