Biggs H-D yields to Costco, getting better site


A southern California Harley-Davidson dealer will be moving this fall to make room for a Costco expansion.

Biggs Harley-Davidson has occupied a 50,000-square-foot dealership on the proposed construction site in San Marcos since 2003. Owner Richard Lillibridge agreed last year to sell the property to Costco, according to the North County Times.

Costco has agreed to lease the property back to Biggs for up to five months, to give the dealership time to lock up and move to a new San Marcos site.

Biggs business manager Leslie Brazier says Lillibridge is already negotiating with the owners of two local properties that could accommodate the dealership. Biggs is looking forward to better freeway visibility and a chance to rebrand, she says.

Posted by Holly Wagner