Bike Brite offering new ergonomic packaging

Publish Date: 
Jul 9, 2014

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Bike Brite Inc. is now offering new comfort-handle packaging of its Motorcycle Spray Wash.

The new packaging has a comfort-grip for easier handling during use, as well as a super foaming sprayer for precise application. "We developed the new container in response to customer feedback about supplying a more comfortable, easy to use bottle," said Bike Brite owner Joe Coviello. "The changes we've made are simply to make the application process easier, faster and more comfortable."

The triple action formula of Bike Brite's flagship product, Motorcycle Spray Wash, is specially formulated to clean, wash and degrease all motorcycle and motorbike parts. It is biodegradable, non-acidic, pH controlled and contains corrosion inhibitors, as well as special brighteners help keep rust and grease from forming. It is recommended by The Motorcycle Riders Club of America with a 92 percent approval rating.

From a news release