BikeAsia to Debut Next Year


EICMA's set to launch a new motorcycle/bicycle expo in Singapore.

BikeAsia, a new powersports-and-bicycle show in Singapore, will be held April 10-13, 2008. It is designed to unite manufacturers, distributors, designers, retailers and enthusiasts from Asia, as well as Europe and the Americas. It will be a four-day trade/consumer exposition with the first two days reserved for trade.

The expo is the brainchild of Roberto Fabbri, an expatriate Italian businessman who's lived in Southeast Asia for years. Fabbri was struck by the enormous use of motorcycles in the region, not only as everyday transportation through crowded streets, but also as sports and image icons. Combining this with the fact that the region has an emerging high-end consumer population, Fabbri believed there was fertile ground for an international show.

EICMA, the mighty Italian trade group that sponsors and hosts the annual Milan show, has acquired a 50 percent share of BikeAsia. Last year, EICMA's Milan show drew more than 500,000 attendees and dealers from many countries. The show is the world's longest-running exhibition of its type, dating back to 1914. EICMA's depth of experience and expertise in running a show of this nature is, perhaps, unmatched.

"We realize that today Asia plays a decisive role in the two-wheel vehicle sector," says Constantino Reggiero, managing director of EICMA. "This is where nearly 90 percent of world production is concentrated, and significant outlets are opening up for high-end products. We want to take the best of worldwide production to Singapore, and we want to gain a better understanding of the production and market of this area."

Asia is second only to Latin America when it comes to growth in the motorcycle market: 60 percent annually according to some figures. Asia also accounts for 85 percent of motorcycles sold worldwide.

The organizers say they hope BikeAsia will, among other things, provide a platform to demonstrate the motorcycle's role in easing traffic and parking congestion, reducing fuel consumption, and providing recreational opportunities.

BikeAsia will be held at the Singapore Expo (shown above), a large, modern exhibition facility only five minutes from Changi International Airport. Show organizers say they're expecting about 300 exhibitors using about 20 percent (or 215,000 sq. ft.) of the facility's available space.

If you're interested in attending or exhibiting, contact Sher Yen Seow at

Getting There

Getting to Singapore is fairly easy. There are 23-hour-long flights from Los Angeles that include a stopover in Tokyo, but there are also shorter, direct flights from LAX.

The country has no visa requirements for U.S. and Canadian citizens carrying valid passports. English is the official business language.

Singapore is a modern city full of flowing boulevards and roadways, elegant hotels, futuristic-looking buildings, and breathtaking public areas. Shopping opportunities abound, from high-end designer stores to mobile kiosks. If you're hungry, you can find exotic Asian dishes or a McDonald's hamburger. And on the main shopping street, Orchard Road, there's a Starbucks on every corner.

And yes, what you hear about Singapore's ordinances is true. Don't chew gum; it's punishable by a US$685 fine. If you're caught with illegal drugs, it's punishable by death.

Note: Dealernews' trip to preview Singapore and BikeAsia was hosted by EICMA.