BikeCondoms Is Dealer's Choice for Kickstart Competition


BikeCondom, a unique motorcycle cover made by BikeCondoms, took home the Dealer’s Choice award at the Kickstart New Product Competition last month at Dealer Expo.

The product helps protect the top half of a motorcycle from the sun, rain, snow, dirt, dust and other debris. The covers weigh less than a half-pound and can be tucked away into a jacket pocket or saddelbag for easy storage.

“BikeCondoms are not intended to replace the maximum protection offered from your full fabric cover,” says Jason Weaver, creator of the product. “Instead, BikeCondoms offer a fun, functional, and inexpensive alternative that you can keep on you at all times for when you want to travel as light as possible but still have protection.”

Kickstart is a program for qualified Dealer Expo exhibitors created to recognize new up-and-coming products. To participate in the 2010 Kickstart New Product Contest, companies must have been exhibitors at Dealer Expo 2010, have a new product with outstanding market appeal and the product must not have been introduced to the powersports industry prior to July 1, 2009. Companies were required to submit product information and related marketing documents including product photos via an online application.

A judging committee, made up of dealers from the show’s Full Throttle Dealer VIP Buyers Program, whittled down more than 150 submissions to select the ten winners. The ten winners received an opportunity to win a 10’x10’ booth space at Dealer Expo 2011, two product displays on the show floor and product information on