BikeMaster launches brake rotors, displays tools and storage

Publish Date: 
Jul 22, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

FRISCO, Texas - BikeMaster unveiled this past weekend at the Tucker Rocky Dealer Show its new line of motorcycle brake rotors, as well as new tools and several POP countertop displays.

The rotor line consists of about 100 SKUs that are application-specific for sportbikes, cruisers and dirtbikes. Suggested retail prices vary, but dealer margin is 40 percent.

According to BikeMaster, the rotors are made by a Spanish company, “one of Europe’s premier disk brake experts, an OEM manufacturer to many well-known brands.”

The rotors are laser-cut from the “very latest in German aerospace materials” using ISO-certified quality management. When applicable, carriers are CNC-machined from billet aluminum.

BikeMaster claims that compared with stock rotors, its rotors offer increased braking ability and longevity.

The rotors made the 2013 BikeMaster catalog released in April but were listed as coming out this summer. They will be in stock either late this month or in August.

BikeMaster began offering brake pad and brake shoes a couple of years ago.

In addition to rotors, BikeMaster was displaying a new carrying case that holds an assortment of nuts, bolts, etc. It retails for $32.95 and features 12 locking compartments of three different sizes (see image, right).

The brand also has several new POP countertop displays for impulse add-on sales of items such as tire pressure gauges and multitools (see image, below).

“With POP, it’s good to get stuff rotating out so that you’ve always got some fresh stuff next to the counter,” said Phillip Mayfield, brand manager of BikeMaster.

For 2013, BikeMaster has added about 80 new tools and integrated tail lights, with sequential tail lights coming soon. Also new are eight-LED turn signals with stems that flex to help prevent breakage.

BikeMaster now makes up about 3,000 SKUs. “And a lot of it is because it’s application-specific product,” Mayfield explained. Over the past three years, the BikeMaster catalog has doubled in size from about 120 pages to 240 pages.

When asked to describe BikeMaster’s portfolio in general, Mayfield said that batteries are the brand’s No. 1 products by dollar volume, while tubes are No. 1 in unit volume. Tie-downs and tools are third and fourth.

BikeMaster started in 1983 as a one-piece riding suit, eventually also making rain suits, luggage, tie-downs and mirrors. The bags and apparel didn't last, but some of the tie-downs and mirrors continue to have the same part numbers today. “They’re still some of our top sellers,” Mayfield said.

Asked to describe market conditions in the commodities market, Mayfield said: “We got a late spring this year because of the cold weather and rain. March and April were slower than they were last year. But in May and June, things really stated picking up on the BikeMaster side.”