BikeMaster offers parts counter products for your do-it-yourself customers

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May 4, 2012

New from BikeMaster is a list of new products you can stock by the parts counter to cater to your do-it-yourself customers.

Many of your customers are going to be doing their own oil changes, so why not give them the tools to do them right? BikeMaster offers a 5-liter oil dispenser (picture below, left) and an 8-liter drain pan (below, right) to help them get the job done and then transfer the used oil into another container for proper disposal or recycling.

The 5-liter dispenser retails for $13.95 while the 8-liter product has a retail price of $15.95.



BikeMaster’s Gripmaster mechanic’s gloves can help your customers with everything from cleaning and assembly to chemical use and knuckle-busting tire changes.

The three-mode lineup includes the Wildgrip, retail $4.95 (below, left); the Waffle Grip, retail $4.95 (below, middle) and the ProMax, retail $14.95 (below, right).



The BikeMaster telescoping magnetic flashlight is the kind of tool that everyone knows they need as soon as they see one. It’s specially made for retrieving bolts, bits and pieces that have disappeared into a tight space.

These superbright LED flashlights come with a 20-in. telescoping magnetic head and a flexible tip to see and reach into even the most narrow of spaces. The light beam is tightly focused to be right at the magnet point. The flashlight comes in three corrosion resistant anodized finishes and is built from billet aluminum and uses rubber seals. It retails for $14.95.

What’s a garage or workbench with heavy duty plastic cable ties? You might as well be missing duct tape. These strong, premium ties have wide, accurate teeth for more bit than standard ties. Available in 10-piece or 100-piece packs, in prices ranging from $1.95-$4.95.

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BikeMaster press release posted by Dennis Johnson

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