Bikemaster tools make carb, swingarm work easier

Publish Date: 
May 15, 2013

FORT WORTH, Texas - Bikemaster’s latest tools are aimed at technicians looking for easier ways to work on carbureted motorcycles and swingarms.

The Bikemaster 11-inch Carburetor Adjuster (Part No. 15-2170) makes it easier to synch Keihin and Mikuni carburetors on Japanese multi-cylinder models. The tool is 11 inches long and has an 8 mm hex nut and a straight screwdriver slot adjuster. Suggested retail is $19.95.

Technicians can use Bikemaster’s new Swingarm Bearing Installation Tool (Part No. 15-2204) to install swingarm bearings without damaging the bearing races. The tool comes with the three drivers needed to fit the main swingarm needle bearings: 20 mm/26 mm, 21 mm/26 mm and 22 mm/26.8 mm. According to Bikemaster, the tool allows the user to push bearings into the swingarm easily.

The Swingarm Bearing Installaiton Tool is made from “industrial-quality” steel for long service life. Suggested retail is $49.95.

Bikemaster is house brand of Tucker Rocky Distributing.

Posted by Arlo Redwine. Photos courtesy Bikemaster