BikeSheath modular covers for Ultra Classic, Batwing fairings

Publish Date: 
Jul 15, 2014

STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. – BikeSheath has introduced two new motorcycle covers, both designed to fold into a compact package for easy storage in motorcycle luggage.

A seat and tank cover ($89.95) has been added to BikeSheath’s line of modular covers for the Harley-Davidson Ultra Clasic. According to BikeSheath, the seat and tank cover takes 20 seconds or less to put on the bike.

The material is heat-rated, and the cover weighs less than one pound. An optional backrest cover doubles as a carrying bag for the whole package.

BikeSheath also has a cover specifically designed for the Harley-Davidson Batwing fairing. Because the fairing has so many adjustable options, such as windshield height and mirror mounting, each BikeSheath fairing cover is made to order.

Called the FairingSheath ($74.95), each cover comes with its own bag and weighs less than half a pound.

From a press release.