Black Book: Auction prices rise with the temperatures

Publish Date: 
May 6, 2014

LAUREL, Md. -- After a long, cold winter, the powersports market at auction is starting to rev up, according to Ricky Beggs, editorial director for Black Book.

Beggs said that prices increased slightly from March to April but increased significantly from April to May as auctions saw rising prices and more sales.

"Prices are up across the board, and for the first time this year, by fairly large amounts for most of the segments we cover," Beggs said in his monthly webcast.

Cruisers are up 3 percent month-over-month, split almost evenly between domestic V-Twins and metric units. The scooter segment is up 3.2 percent, off road bikes are up 2.9 percent and street bikes and utility vehicles are each up 2.5 percent.   

ATVs are up 0.6 percent versus last month, which Beggs said is lower than usual for this time of year.

Personal watercraft prices are up 3.4 percent on average, but jet boats are up 0.4 percent. Beggs said they are typically linked segments, and suggested that this is a market correction from last year, when jet boat prices outpaced those of personal watercraft.

Unsurprisingly, as the season ended, snowmobile prices are down 3.3 percent.