Black Book: More buyers paying market value

Publish Date: 
Jan 6, 2014

Continuing economic improvements, funding strength and manufacturing growth indicate improving markets across the board, according to researchers at Black Book.

But a decline in repossessions may eventually limit used inventory at the auctions, they say.

"Many powersports dealers are starting to stock up on inventory in anticipation of warmer weather and increased sales this spring," said Black Book Managing Editor Rickey Beggs in his monthly report. "Activity and pricing at the auctions have mostly reflected this, but not all locations around the country are seeing the same results. What we are seeing is a general decrease in no-sales and 'if' bids, coupled with a greater willingness on the part of buyers to pay market value for inventory.

"While the overall market appears to be making the turn from decreasing winter prices to appreciating spring/summer pricing, it has not gotten there quite yet, and your local market may or may not be seeing the same results," he noted.

Overall prices are decreasing by small amounts. Streetbikes, scooters and dual-sport motorcycle prices are down by 0.5 percent, while ATVs and cruisers are down 0.6 percent and off-road motorcycles down 0.7 percent. 

Utility vehicles have pretty much held their pricing from last month, he noted. 

"Snowmobiles are up once again, but by relatively small amounts, averaging 1.7 percent across the segment, or $77 a unit. This is the third year in a row that snowmobile pricing has been on the positive side, but sluggish for the seasonality," Beggs said.

A big snow year can drive up prices on snowmobiles at a dramatic rate, Beggs said.