Black Friday promotions paying off for dealers so far

Publish Date: 
Nov 27, 2012
By Holly J. Wagner

AS SHOPPERS HIT THE STORES in search of Black Friday deals, powersports dealers around the country weren’t about to be outdone by big box stores, and many say their efforts paid off.

Philadelphia Cycle Center offered 15 percent off on all merchandise, plus an extra $5 discount for multiple PG&A purchases. Even better for customers, the deals will extend through the end of the year.

“What we try to target was moms and sisters and wives who wanted to get gifts for their husbands and boyfriends and sons. They are usually the early shoppers. Guys are the late shoppers,” said owner Vince Sanginiti. The strategy worked, even though shoppers didn’t turn up until after the chain store doorbusters were over.

“It was all late. It was amazing. Most of the business came in between 5 and 7 p.m., but it turned out OK,” he said. “I think we did 30 or 35 ticket sales that day in the last two hours. On a normal day, we’d probably probably do five to 10 ticket sales in that time.”

Philadelphia Cycle Center and other retailers used social media and email to promote the sales, but it can be hard to gauge how much traffic sites like Facebook generate. 

SOCIAL STUMBLE? A study conducted by IBM indicates that social media had very little impact on 2012 Black Friday sales across all retail markets. Read it here.)

“I don’t know where the reach is. We don’t have good information about where or how they learned about it,” said Sanginiti. “With Facebook you are hoping they are hearing from friends and bringing in people that normally would not come in that time of year.”

MASS TEXTS. Fun Bike Center in San Diego, Calif., used specials and sent wireless a text message blast to bring in the buyers.

“We did it by mass texts. People came in saying, my friend got a text message, can you take care of me, too?’” said sales manager Brendan Perry. The blasts went out late Wednesday evening to prevent revealing the deals too far ahead of the sale. (continued)