Blingstar light bar, bumper can provide epic nighttime rides

Publish Date: 
Aug 22, 2014

Give your Polaris and Can-Am customers more epic nighttime rides with the Moto 1 LED light bar from Blingstar. This 13.5-inch, 72W LED bar can be mounted to your customer’s SxS right out of the box. The lightweight dual row light bar includes wiring harness and mounting system; it all retails for $174.95.

Then attach the light bar to the new Moto 1 front bumper ($159.95 retail, or $326.95 for the bumper/light bar combo). As an alternative for your racers (or wannabes), offer the Moto 1 Bumper with number plate for $195 retail. The bumper and light bars are available in black or white, and everything is manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Corona, Calif., according to Bryan Grace, VP of sales.