BMW Recalls F 650 GS and F 800 GS


BMW is recalling certain 2008 to 2010 F 650 GS and F 800 GS models manufactured between January 2008 and December 2009. The potential number of units affected is 4,498.

The government describes the defect as follows. During engine operation, a vacuum is created to draw fresh air into the canister. This air then mixes with the fuel vapors captured by the canister, and is subsequently combusted. Due to the routing of the ventilation hose, water near the end of the hose could be drawn into the charcoal canister, causing the bike to stall.

Dealers will inspect and add an additional hose and route it so that there are no problems. The recall is expected to begin sometime in January.

The NHTSA campaign ID number is 09V499000.

Interested in having recall information e-mailed to you immediately as it becomes available? NHTSA has just begun to offer recall alerts via e-mail and RSS. Follow this link to sign up.

Posted by Arlo Redwine