BMW shows electric scooter prototype at London Olympics

Publish Date: 
Jul 30, 2012

LONDON, U.K. — BMW is taking advantage of the summer Olympic Games to introduce its prototype electric scooter to potential riders.

The C Evolution model was introduced July 26 at the start of a Europe-wide promotional tour.

“We plan to bring the scooter in a very similar form to market in 2014,” Rudolf-Andreas Probst, a spokesman for BMW’s motorcycle division, told Businessweek. “Beforehand, we need to clarify some technical and marketing aspects.”

The C Evolution will be equipped with the same lithium-ion electricity-storage modules that BMW plans to use in the i3 four-seat compact car going on sale in late 2013.

BMW will offer C Evolutions for use as shuttle vehicles by journalists covering the Summer Olympics as well as by unspecified “VIPs” and the carmaker’s employees. The company will have its own charging stations for the scooters in London, though the version that goes on sale will be equipped to use regular household sockets, Probst said.

Posted by Holly Wagner