Boiler Harley-Davidson plans fall opening

Publish Date: 
Jul 28, 2014

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Things are really cooking at the site of the new Boiler Harley-Davidson megastore, set to open this fall.

Harley franchise owners Mark and Mike Forszt of Valparaiso acquired Eagle Harley-Davidson and Spykes Harley-Davidson in Frankfort last fall. Those two dealerships were combined and have been operating as Boiler Harley-Davidson from the Frankfort location until the new store opens in a couple of months.

The new store will be 36,000 sq. ft., nearly three times as big as the Eagle and Frankfort locations. "We need and want a larger store. We have a lot of inventory with bikes and merchandise. We don't want it to look so cramped," general manager Jon Watson told Lafayette Magazine. The store will include more bike colors and models, trikes and expanded gear offerings. The service department will be larger and have a new dynamometer, and will offer painting as well as mechanical services.

The customer lounge will be comfortable, with couches and two televisions. Limited beverages and a popcorn machine also will be available.

"We want a welcoming place for everyone who comes to the store, but especially for those who have been riding long distances,” Watson said. “We want them to feel like they are visiting family, to stay a while and relax before heading back out on the road.”