Bones found at dealer construction site not from criminal activity


Authorities say human bones found last month at the construction site for a new Vandervest Harley-Davidson dealership were reburied at the site.

"The human remains that were recovered were in a secondary context, meaning they were not in the original location where they were buried," state archeologist John Broihahn told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. The remains were found Nov. 1.

"Interviews with former landowners indicated that over the years lots of different fills from other sources were brought into that area to raise the ground level to make it a buildable site,” Broihahn says. At some point during that filling process, those remains were brought in and dumped into that location."

Workers found the remains about 6 or 7 feet below ground. Authorities have said they do not think the remains were left as a result of criminal activity.

Investigators are working to determine where the remains were first buried, as well as their the age, ethnicity and whether they came from one or more people.

Posted by Holly Wagner

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