Boss Hoss to Show Off In Daytona

Boss Hoss Cycles will once again display its new, 2008 line of bikes and trikes at Daytona Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Fla., Feb. 29 through March 9, at turn four of the Daytona International Speedway in the demo fleet area.

"We are always excited to bring our fleet of bikes and trikes to Daytona, a city that is historically known for its love for motor vehicles and motorsports," says Rad Hunsley, COO, Boss Hoss Cycles.

The company encourages bike and trike enthusiasts to come out to the Daytona Speedway to demo the new 2008 Boss Hoss fleet. Riders 30 years of age or older will be able to experience a Boss Hoss bike or trike for themselves.

Boss Hoss will bring its new BHC-LS2 to Daytona for all have not had the opportunity to take their first demo ride. It was previously unveiled at Sturgis Bike Week in August 2007. The BHC-3 LS2 is replacing the 502 hp engine option that is no longer available due to emissions regulations. It has 364 cubic inches of displacement, and is 235 lbs lighter than its predecessor. The new LS2 bike has a low seat height and short wheelbase, much like the Super Sport model, which made its debut in the 2007 production lineup. These credentials are what make the LS2 model King of the Hill in the all important horsepower-to-weight ratio category.

The upgraded line of 2008 Boss Hoss bikes and trikes are fed by electronic fuel injection controlled by a Delphi electronic control module (ECM), and fitted with a redesigned catalytic exhaust system to meet all current EPA and CARB emissions standards. For added comfort, the 2008 model trikes will be offered with an optional Air Ride suspension system produced by Legend Air Suspension, exclusively for Boss Hoss. The once optional Brembo rear disc brake system is now standard equipment on all trikes. The new models became available Sept. 1.