Bosski Donates ATV Wagon trailers to New England Club

The Berkshire Trail Riders Club is the first to benefit from Bosski's Trailers for Trails Program, with assistance buying two 1600 Utility ATV Wagon trailers.

In sponsorship with Fisk Distributing and Enfield Motorsports, the nonprofit club was able to get the vehicles even with limited funds.

"We had to haul a huge amount of stone a mile or so down the trail to repair some damage. These trailers cut down on the amount of trips up and down the trail significantly since we could store so much material in the big trailer," says Jason Myers, president of the Berkshire Trail Riders. "We used to have guys just standing around waiting. Now these guys are kept busy because a lot more material comes down in one shot."

The Berkshire Trail Riders are responsible for maintaining Tolland State Forest in Sandisfield and Otis, Mass. If the trails are not taken care of, many states are threatening to close some public areas. Bosski's ATV Wagon trailers help.

"These volunteers help maintain and expand their trails, and our heavy-duty construction, 1000lb Power RAM dump system and power brakes make our trailer the right one for the job. We are happy to sponsor their cause," says Robert Rickard, sales specialist at Bosski.

ATV Wagon trailers are in use at many off-road trail systems throughout North America, including the 500-mile-and-growing Hatfield-McCoy Trail System of West Virginia.

ATV Wagon dealers who know of clubs in need and nonprofit clubs that want workhorse trailers are invited to contact Bosski about the Trailers for Trails Program. Applications and more information are available at