Boy Scouts merchandise a jamboree for Spider's Cycle City

Publish Date: 
Jun 24, 2013

BRADLEY, W.Va.  - Fond memories and potential profits drove shop owner and former Boy Scout Spider Weber to bring Boy Scouts of America gear to Spider's Cycle City, which specializes in motorcycle apparel.

Weber found out the Boy Scouts would be his new neighbor and host to the National Jamboree, so he became an official licensed Boy Scouts of America retailer and has partnered with other nearby merchants to carry the merchandise.

"As an old Boy Scout and West Virginia businessman and local citizen here, I want to make the Boy Scout thing work and maybe make a few bucks selling T-shirts," Weber told the West Virginia Gazette.

Customers can find T-shirts, hats and drink holders with the official Boy Scouts Jamboree logo.

In recent years, the national scouting organization has added ATV and PWC riding to activities at many of its camps nationwide. The camps train hundreds of new riders each year.

"The people that are buying it are tourists passing through that were once a Boy Scout who are saying, 'I can't get back to the Jamboree, but I'm going to buy a shirt while I'm here,'" Weber said. "If we pay for all of our product and our overhead, I would be very happy, because I want to say I was a part of it."

Posted by Holly Wagner