Brass Ball Bobbers and Choppers Thanks Military and Service Providers

Military personnel and public employees who often do thankless jobs are getting a little thank-you from of Darwin Motorcycles and Brass Ball Bobbers and Choppers of Oklahoma City, Okla.,

Darwin President Dar Holdsworth is extending a $500 discount to all active duty military, police, firefighters and school teachers on all Bobbers and Choppers purchased through July 2008.

Holdsworth, a Desert Storm veteran, understands the commitment and sacrifice required to perform America's essential services. Whether an individual is fighting a fire or fighting for the mind of a student, each job delivers on the betterment of the country and the community, he says.

"I know what it's like to put it on the line on a daily basis and I wanted our company to give back to the men and women that are doing it today, keeping us safe and defending our freedoms," says Holdsworth. "Our $500 service program shows our commitment to the backbone of America."

The $500 discount is applicable to the entire line of Brass Ball Bobbers and Choppers, including the three production models using Harley-Davidson EVO, S&S Shovelhead motors and the unique re-engineered Indian Power Plus engine. The firm's Bobbers also feature many original and proprietary hand-built components and retro-contemporary frames that are inspired by the original 1940s and 1950s V-Twin motorbikes.

Custom built motorcycles begin at $16,995.