Brian Klock: Employees should pull away from their computers


Brian Klock, owner of Klock Werks in Mitchell, S.D., reflects back on 2010.

“Some of the most valuable lessons I learned for 2010 revolve around our business being flooded twice in less than 60 days. My employees are the best asset we have. Their commitment to this ‘brand’ and ability to maintain the highest level of customer service through it all was amazing. We are still rebuilding from it, and they continue to impress. Second would be the vendors, industry friends, and fellow businesses that showed tremendous support. All things money can’t buy — all reasons to love this industry.

“The dollars don’t go unnoticed, though. We lost a bunch of revenue, experienced backorders, and dealt with the toughest banking situations first-hand that I have ever seen. While rebuilding our facility, we have ‘rebuilt’ our relationships. Working with our suppliers and distributor to better forecast, cut costs, and expedite delivery — all were lessons learned and will make us an even better company.

“2011 will see us increase our customer service and, most importantly, education. We have incredible products and innovative ideas. As a manufacturer and small dealer, I think we can use our experiences to relate to those with tight finances and a wish for low overhead. Through education, we will learn more about our dealers, distributor system and ourselves. We are looking to learn from them and share what an experience can be with a company focused on quality and a caring attitude for their well-being. I have noticed in my recent travels a lack of customer contact at brick-and-mortar stores. Employees need to pull away from their computers so I don’t shop at mine. If we want people to have a great motorcycle experience, make sure our employees offer the friendly communication and are informed — don’t drive them back to Google. The economy will stay tight, and we all need to work together in a spirit to repair the damages done by being lazy when the market was at its peak in 2005-2007. The camaraderie that is motorcycling needs to be revitalized between manufacturers, dealers and consumers.”

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