Brock's Performance BMW S 1000 RR dragbike breaks into 8-second bracket


Brock’s Performance is promoting its parts for the BMW S 1000 RR by racing a stock-wheelbase dragbike that has broken into the 8-second E.T. bracket.

During the recent "No Hatin'" race series at Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio, the bike recorded a 8.95-second run with Jeremy Teasley in the saddle.

The national series AMA Dragbike recently ceased operations indefinitely due to the economy. Stressing that it's "business as usual" at Brock's Performance, shop owner Brock Davidson vowed not to let turbulent times deter him from developing products and testing them in regional venues.

For Kil-Kare, the BMW was run in AMA Dragbike SuperSport trim. According to Brock’s, SuperSport rules are the most stringent in motorcycle drag racing. The only allowable deviations from stock are lowered suspension, modified gearing, an aftermarket exhaust, a fuel-injection controller, ceramic wheel bearings and very few other changes.

"We're working hard to improve the BMW's performance," Davidson said in a news release. "To do any kind of systematic testing you must have a standard to run against. The SuperSport rule structure is still the way stock-wheelbase performance is gauged."

To race the 200 hp machine, Brock’s enlisted Teasley, who has two AMA Dragbike Real Street championships under his belt. He clicked off successive quarter-mile runs of 9.12 and 9.04 seconds before hitting a 8.971 at 157.93 mph. He went on to lower the mark with an 8.950. Teasley's best 1/8-mile time of 5.83 seconds was just over one-hundredth of a second off the national record. All this, Brock’s notes, at a track that was not prepared to national-event standards, with an adjusted air density altitude of 3,800 feet.

"With the S 1000 RR having a better power-to-weight ratio of any production sportbike, we felt strongly that we were going to do some damage in the SuperSport class with the BMW this season, and it is very disappointing that AMA Dragbike suspended operations after we got only two races in," Davidson said. "Nonetheless, we're going to continue doing what we do best: developing, testing and selling products that make streetbikes fly. I still hold out hope that there will be another national-level SuperSport class in the somewhat near future. When that happens, we'll show up with a finely tuned, powerful weapon, ready to do battle."

Posted by Arlo Redwine