Brock's Performance Proves Big Ticket Items Move

Brock’s Performance is focused on providing cutting edge high-performance products for racers and street customers. But like any advanced performance technology, these products come with a large price tag.

Can these big-ticket items really sell in today’s market?

Yes, they can, says drag racer Brock Davidson, who has developed the new TiWinder exhaust system, which he says is the lightest and fastest drag racing system available for the Suzuki Hayabusa. He sourced exotic titanium alloys and uses exquisite welds to create a full system that only weighs 5.25 pounds. The end result is a very trick racing system that starts at a heady $1,895 MSRP.

Davidson has sold out his first shipment. In fact, he is selling four times more exhausts for 2008 Hayabusas than the rest of his lineup.

In addition to $2,000 exhausts, Brock’s Performance is the exclusive importer for BST Carbon Composite wheels. These ultra-lightweight wheels improve acceleration and suspension performance on both street and track. Typical wheel sets start at $3,750.

While these are products focused at the drag race and performance street markets, Davidson shows that perhaps the motorcycle industry isn’t as weak as some fear it to be. More importantly, big-ticket sales prove that customers will spend good money on good product.

Meet Brock Davidson and check out his exhausts and BST wheels at booth L900 in the Lucas Oil Stadium Sportbike Pavilion, or check him out on the Web at

-- Submitted by Bruce Steever