BRP increases technology, track length with 2015 Ski-Doo models

Publish Date: 
Mar 5, 2014

QUEBEC CITY – BRP announced the 2015 Ski-Doo snowmobile line during its semi-annual dealer meeting on Tuesday. The new Ski-Doo Summit X with T3 package and Renegade XRS models were highlighted, along with technology such as Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC), Rotax Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) engines and Response Angle Suspension (RAS2). Pricing for the 2015 model year is forthcoming.

All models equipped with the Rotax 600 ACE engine will have the iTC technology included, and both 900 and 600 ACE-powered snowmobiles will have a finger-operated throttle. The 900 ACE engine was introduced with the 2014 models and is now included with the utility line of snowmobiles.

Summit: The new Ski-Doo Summit X with the T3 package is designed for deep snow riding in the mountains, and BRP says it has the longest standard track and the tallest lugs offered by any OEM. The 3-inch lug track comes in a 163- or 174-inch length. BRP also says that the Summit X 800 with the 174-inch track weighs the same as the 2014 Summit X 800 with the 163-inch track thanks to a 16.1-pound weight savings in the design.

The other deep-snow Summit models include the Summit X, Summit SP and Summit Sport (top photo).

Renegade: Among the new technological features, RAS2 front suspension helps navigate varying terrain and has an improved roll center along with lighter weight. It can be found on the new Renegade XRS crossover sled, as well as the X, Backcountry X, Backcountry and Adrenaline packages. The Renegade Sport completes the 2015 Renegade offerings.

MXZ: The MXZ line of trail high-performance sleds includes the RAS2 front suspension on the X-RS, X and TNT packages. The X-RS and X packages also have the Ice Ripper track option, and the ACE-powered machines get iTC and finger-operated throttle options. The final MXZ package is the MXZ Sport.

Grand Touring: In the two-up touring category, the Grand Touring LE and SE packages have a SilentDrive system for reduced sound and vibration. The LE, SE and Sport packages include new color options.

Expedition: The Rotax 900 ACE engine is now available in the LE and SE packages of the Expedition two-up touring utility sled. The Tundra Sport rounds out the lineup.

Tundra: The 2015 Tundra packages are the Tundra Xtreme, LT and Sport.

Skandic: The Skandic SWT and WT utility snowmobiles for 2015 now include options for the Rotax 900 ACE engine and the Rotax 600 ACE with iTC.

Freeride: Designed for extreme mountain riding, there are new color options for the Freeride 137 and 146/154.

GSX: There are also new colors for the GSX packages, including the SE and LE.

Media images courtesy of BRP.