BRP partners with AVL to develop range-extender engine

Publish Date: 
May 8, 2014

GUNSKIRCHEN, Austria – BRP and AVL will collaborate on a research project to develop a one-cylinder, four-stroke combustion engine adapted to range extender applications.

“We chose BRP as our partner because of the expertise that the company can provide by combining advanced development, design, industrial engineering, tool-making, prototyping and production all at one site,” said Frank Beste, senior program manager, AVL.

The aim of the cooperation between BRP and AVL in the field of hybrid motorization is to assemble a range extender demonstration vehicle based on a Rotax engine. With its unique manufacturing capabilities, BRP’s Austrian facility can produce small volumes of powertrains, unlike most manufacturers in the automotive industry.

BRP supports the project by providing components, manufacturing and assembling prototypes that would be suitable for potential serial production. The integration of the range extender into the vehicle will be executed by AVL.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work in collaboration with AVL and expand our reach in the automotive sector,” said François Tremblay, marketing director, Rotax propulsion systems, BRP. “AVL is the world’s largest independent company forautomotive powertrain systems, which helps BRP access this new market.”

Posted by Holly Wagner