BRP Sells Ski-Doo PG&A Online Via Shopatron


BRP is now selling Ski-Doo parts, accessories and clothing at All sales will go through U.S. and Canadian franchised Ski-Doo dealers via a service called Shopatron.

“The site was tested over the past few months by a group of 30 BRP/Ski-Doo dealers and the results were convincing," BRP’s Sandy Scullion said in a press release. “With the official launch, we offer North American consumers the convenience of shopping from home and having their orders fulfilled quickly and easily by the power of a network of more than 800 dealers.”

In 2009, BRP launched the U.S. site, also Shopatron-enabled. It plans to extend the e-commerce solution to its other powersports brands in the coming years. “Online shopping is a growing trend and both our customers and dealers are eager for it,” Scullion said.

Consumers shop at the corporate site, but at checkout their orders are redirected to the website of Shopatron Inc., a company that specializes in allowing manufacturers to sell online without cutting out their retailers. Orders are first offered to the closest dealer signed up with Shopatron.

With each order, Shopatron charges a fee averaging about 3 percent. The percentage depends on the dealer margin for each product (the lower the margin, the lower the fee). When there are shipping costs, they are charged to the customer. Shopatron then reimburses the dealer for the amount of the order, minus its fee and credit card processing fees.

Shopatron also provides participating dealers with real-time sales data showing what is selling locally and nationally. All BRP dealers can contact Shopatron to sign up as a product source.

BRP is not the only OEM to sign up with Shopatron. Big Dog Motorcycles, BRP and Suzuki also use the service. Shopatron claims that more than 30 aftermarket powersports manufacturers and more than 700 brands in general work with it.

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Posted by Arlo Redwine