BRP Shipping Semi-Automatic Spyders

Publish Date: 
Sep 9, 2008

BRP has started to ship its semi-automatic transmission-equipped BRP Can-Am Spyder roadsters to consumers.

The Sequential Electronic Five-Speed (SE5) is an electronically controlled mechanical transmission that uses a simple thumb and index finger shifter capable of changing gears within thousandths of a second.

"The SE5 allows even more enthusiasts to experience the thrill of the open road," says Marc Lacroix, marketing director for Can-Am Spyder roadster. "It provides a perfect opportunity for riders looking for the latest in clutchless shifting technology and a thrilling, sporty, get-on-and-go ride."

Featuring five forward gears and one reverse, it is a true mechanical transmission. The centrifugal clutch engages automatically when and only when you rev the engine. When you're stopped it will help you avoid rolling forward — even in first — and you don't have to ease off the gas when changing gears. The system will kick in and do it for you. Instinctively, no need to clutch or blip the throttle, and it will help you avoid stalling as you slow down or come to a stop.