BRP Split To Aid On-Road Ops

BRP's recent move to split its operations into wheeled products and non-wheeled products could be an indication that the Valcourt company is planning to move well beyond its successful three-wheel Spyder roadster in on-road product development.

As Dealernews reported exclusively here, BRP has separated its operations into two different businesses, one representing Can-Am ATVs and Can-Am BRP roadsters, and the second representing the Ski-Doo/Sea-Doo products.

The move was made to increase the company's efficiency in product development and in distribution, says Pierre Pichette, BRP VP of communications and public affairs.

"With four or five different product categories, it's too difficult to handle in the field under one organization," Pichette told Dealernews. "It's easier to have wheel products and more traditional other products."

Pichette said BRP's wheeled and no-wheeled product categories both are growing, but noted that the new streamlined organization will allow the company to direct more resources at wheeled products. "This will enable us to develop wheel products," he says.