BRP tightens production with real-time locating technology

Publish Date: 
Oct 30, 2012

VALCOURT, QUEBEC, Canada – BRP has deployed a new RFID (radio frequency identification) system to lower material flow times and increase efficiency of assembly operations of its Sea-Doo and Ski-Doo vehicles.

Zebra Technologies Corp. said it worked with BRP to implement a real-time locating system at the Valcourt plant using a flexible, long-range wireless call system to help increase efficiencies in its line side assembly within a very short timeline.

Previously, assembly line technicians would move to a physical client station to initiate requests for material flow, which resulted in lost time on the floor. Using Zebra's wireless call system, a technician can press a single button to trigger a call for more materials. This action initiates a replenishment request in BRP's SAP enterprise resource platform (ERP) to instruct the material handling resources to fulfill the request.

Posted by Holly Wagner