BRP unveils Sea-Doo 'Spark' at $4,999 MSRP

Publish Date: 
Sep 16, 2013

VALCOURT, QC - No matter how much we love the powersports industry, we have to face the facts: our sports are essentially hobbies -- discretionary purchases that take a secondary role in most peoples lives compared to paying the mortgage, buying groceries and paying the bills. If OEMs want to earn people’s hard-earned cash, they need to offer an exciting product that is priced right for the times.

Sea-Doo took this central mission to heart when it developed the new Spark PWC, and all you need to know is this: $4,999 MSRP.

With a starting price less than five grand, Sea-Doo is offering a 900cc four-stroke PWC for nearly 40 percent less than comparable entry-level models from the competition.

Of course, a low price won’t sell a product without desirable features behind it, and Sea-Doo didn’t skimp there. The Rotax 900 ACE inline-three cylinder engine features many of Sea-Doo’s advanced technologies, including excellent fuel economy (claimed to run under two gallons of fuel per hour), fly-by-wire throttle, D-Sea-Bel noise reduction system and a closed-loop cooling system.

Of course, to keep the starting price so low, many systems are optional upgrades, such as Sea-Doo’s Intelligent Brake and Reverse, a more powerful High Output version of the Rotax triple, “3up” three passenger seating and a tow-friendly convenience package.

The Spark also features a new “Exoskel” style that makes use of lightweight (and recyclable) composites for minimal mass and features some truly vibrant colorways, such as Orange Crush or Bubblegum. To further differentiate your Spark, 20 different “Attitude” graphics packages are available along with a range of on- and off-water accessories.

According to José Boisjoli, BRP president and CEO, the new Spark will rekindle the successful days of the industry’s past. “I am confident that with the new Sea-Doo Spark models we can recreate the golden years of the PWC...with cleaner, more fun, more affordable and easier-to-use watercraft,” he stated.

Check out the promotional video for the Spark on Sea-Doo's YouTube channel. Press image above courtesy Sea-Doo.