boosts San Diego Harley's reputation

Publish Date: 
Jan 14, 2013

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – In a move to bolster its online reputation, San Diego Harley-Davidson hired

The dealership offers complementary barbecue and a live band every Saturday to keep the community aware of its sales and service offerings, but that wasn’t translating to online buzz.

“The problem was, we have Yelp reviews dated back to August 2008 with a total of only 30 reviews online,” said general manager Ty Miller. “This took nearly four-and-a-half years to accomplish. With we have captured over 120 positive reviews. This has been achieved in only a matter of months, not years.”

A in-store process has turned 29 percent of the dealership’s existing service customers into leads.

“ allows us to provide five-star service by giving us the ability to pinpoint any issues that may damage our reputation and immediately improve our service, to ensure our customers always associate San Diego Harley-Davidson with the highest levels of professionalism.”

Read the dealer’s reviews at its San Diego Harley-Davidson page on

Posted by Holly Wagner