Bust those bug guts with Cycle Wipes

Publish Date: 
Jan 11, 2013

EVERETT, Wash. - What’s worse than a visor smeared with hundreds of smeared bug carcasses? Not having anything handy to clean off the little suckers.

This is where Cycle Wipes comes in. The company's compact , ammonia-free wipes carry a gentle cleaning solution that easily dissolves stubborn bugs, dust and grime. And, a clean, dry Cycle Wipe also works well for buffing, according to the company.

Each wipe is a pre-moistened soft, mesh fabric that traps debris, and is designed for motorcyclists who want to remove bugs from visors, shields and lights, even on delicate surfaces. A pack (12 wipes) is designed to fit into a pocket, purse or tank bag. Each wipe, when unfolded, measures 4 in.x 8 in.. They can also be used around a campsite for a quick cleanup.

Cycles Wipes LLC is owned and operated by a family of riders. The inventor, David Swezey, is the GM of Ride West BMW, a Top 100 dealership in Seattle. Up to 5 percent of all revenue from Cycle Wipes sales are donated to children’s charitable causes.

Posted by Dennis Johnson