Buy a Vespa, get free gas 'for a year'

Publish Date: 
Apr 26, 2013

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Piaggio has launched a promotion to give Vespa buyers 'free gas for a year' in the form of a $250 gift card.

Through June 30, anyone purchasing a new or unused MY12 Piaggio Typhoon 125, a FLY 150, a Vespa S 150, a LX 150 or a LXV 150 will receive a free $250 gas card as part of the OEM's "Free Gas for a Year" promotion.

"Piaggio USA will pull the warranty registrations and mail a $250 gas card to each customer who has purchased a new and unused program vehicle," said Michael Fiduk, spokesman for Piaggio. "In order for the customer to receive their card the dealer must warranty register before we ship the card. Card activation and shipping the card to the customer will be done by Piaggio USA and may take up to four to six weeks."

Piaggio also is inviting customers to show the economic and environmental savings they achieve by owning and operating a Piaggio or Vespa scooter. Owners are asked to submit photos to Instagram of everything from gas receipts and pumps registering less than a $10 sale for a fill-up to images of them sporting new summer outfits they just bought with their savings. Every time someone tags a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #VespaFreeGas, the photo wil appear on the live Instagram feed on the Vespa Facebook page.