Buztronics, Cardo, Fowler join MIC

Publish Date: 
Oct 22, 2008

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) Board of Directors approved nine new members in September 2008. Companies noted with an asterisk (*) are non-voting members.

Buztronics Inc. – Street FX Division — Manufacturer, importer, and distributor of Street FX (motorcycle) and Marine FX performance accent lighting (www.streetfxseries.com)

Cardo Systems Inc. — Manufacturer of Bluetooth wireless communication systems; maker of voice-controlled and detachable Bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets (www.cardosystems.com)

Fowlers of Bristol Ltd. — Manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket products and clothing (www.fowlers.co.uk)

GadLight Inc. — Design and marketing consultants; product innovators/inventors (www.gadlight.com)

Intellectual Asset Management Associates LLC — Intellectual property law practice and technical consultants in the motorcycle industry (www.patentagentplus.com)

JPMorganChase — Equity research firm carrying out research in the motorcycle industry (www.jpmorgan.com)

Midwest Motorcycle Supply Dist. Corp. — Manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket parts, specializing in Harley-Davidson and American customs (www.midwestmc.net)

STACY Testing & Tire Specialist, Inc. — Performs product durability evaluation and determines the lifecycle of components, aftermarket accessories and tires (www.stacytesting.com)

XTRM Inc. — Manages racing contingency payments for manufacturers, sponsors and riders/racers (www.xtrm.com)