C&S Custom unveils hot rod kit for Spyder

Publish Date: 
May 19, 2014

LEXINGTON, N.C. -- C&S Custom has created a kit to convert a Can-Am Spyder into a custom hot rod with the world's widest tires.

The wide tire kit comes in two sizes, with 500 and 360 rear tires. The 500 kit features low profile tires on a 20x17 rear wheel and two 20x8 front wheels.The 360 features a 18x14 rear and two 18x8 front.

C&S Custom supplies radial street tires in the kit for increased longevity and dependability, and offers a full line of custom wheels for Spyders.

The kits include choice of wheels, three low profile tires, front and rear sprocket, chains and swingarm with finishes provided in chrome, custom paint, engraving or powder coating. Options include air suspension, nitrous bottle bracket or voodoo exhaust.

"When we did our international reveal at Daytona Bike Week we were mobbed everywhere we went," said General Manager Charlie Michael.

The upgraded wheel package provides a greater contact patch with the tire and the pavement. In addition, the rider sits slightly higher, giving them a better position to be seen and to see other vehicles.

C&S Custom recommends a professional installation. Pro-consumers that have mechanical ability should budget a weekend for the conversion.