California bans motorcycle-only checkpoints

Publish Date: 
Jul 16, 2012

SACRAMENTO, Calif.- Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a law outlawing motorcycle-only checkpoints in California.

Assembly member Kevin Jeffries (R-Riverside) introduced AB 1047 in February 2011. It passed the Assembly in January and the Senate in June, with overwhelming support in both houses, according to Around the Capitol.

The selective traffic stops originated in New York, where National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advocated them to stem "the growing problem of increased motorcycle fatalities."

While the Assembly Transportation Committee could not verify actual times when California law enforcement conducted motorcycle-only checkpoints, the Long Beach Police Department conducted one June 30. The department noted the checkpoint turned up 15 helmet violations, 10 motorcycle equipment violations, three motorcycle moving violations, 20 auto moving violations and resulted in the impound of one motorcycle.

Posted by Holly Wagner