California Motorcycle Dealers Launch TV Campaign

California dealers have taken to the airwaves to promote the fuel efficiency gains to be made by riding motorcycles.

More than 3,000 television spots are being aired in July and August across the state in an effort to promote the use and sales of motorcycles and scooters as an appropriate solution for today's commuters. The campaign is coordinated by the California Motorcycle Dealers Association, headquartered in Lake Elsinore, Calif.

"The CMDA has taken this unprecedented step of using mass media marketing to stimulate sagging motorcycle sales caused by the current severe downturn in the housing market," says CMDA director John Paliwoda. "That slump eliminated much of the home equity money and disposable income that fueled hot motorcycle and motorsport sales during the last decade."

Vehicle manufacturers such as Honda, Harley-Davidson and Kawasaki, run commercials for their branded products; however, "even that promotional effort leaves much to be desired for an estimated almost-$30 billion industry nationally," Paliwoda says. "It's time the industry gets serious about promoting our products in more effective ways," notes CMDA president Ray Nowakowski, who also owns Golden Gate Cycles in San Francisco. "Motorcycles and scooters are fun, but also provide a legitimate answer to soaring fuel costs, highway and parking congestion, and insurance costs. We feel our ads will remind viewers to visit our members' dealerships so we can appropriately match them with the proper make and model."

The 30-second TV spots are introduced by taglines and voiceovers that emphasize fuel economy. The spots, which started running last week, will continue through this week and then the weeks of August 18 and August 25.