California Scooter Co. headed for Oz

Publish Date: 
Dec 12, 2010

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. "We've done very well over there with our big bikes. Those (Pro-One Performance V-twins) sell for about $60,000."

The scooters can go up to 65 mph and get as much as 98 miles per gallon, he says. They come in three, retro-styled models: the Greaser, Classic and Babydoll. They’re styled after the old Mustang bikes. All of the bikes are powered by a 150cc, four-stroke engine and have a five-speed transmission.

"The MSRP on the smaller models is $4,295, but we don't sell many at that price," he says. "We have a fairly extensive accessory line, and usually someone will want a chrome doo-dad or maybe luggage racks, and by the time you add all of that up with the taxes and fees ... they sell for $6,000 to $8,000."

President and CEO Steve Seidner has been building motorcycles for 35 years, according to the company’s web site. He started out working for his father at Bert’s Motorcycles in Azusa in the service department as a helper, worked up to assembling new bikes and later began designing his own. The company has been selling Pro-One Performance V-twins in Australia for years, he says.

Posted by Holly Wagner