Camoplast Sports New Logo

As part of its new strategy launch, Camoplast presented its new logo and positioning statement.

The new logo represents the different autonomous entities that form Camoplast as well as their linkage of common values and systems. The slight curving represents our global footprint while the metallic color highlights the depth of our expertise.

The new positioning: "Make it happen" is in support of Camoplast promise to its customers as well as commitment of its employees. It represents our fundamental nature as a manufacturer and commands pro-activity and action while expressing a global sense of responsibility and security. In other words, our promise is to find the solution and deliver.

"Over the last years Camoplast has grown rapidly and has achieved a leadership position in most of the markets we serve. Our future resides in our ability to make Camoplast a global player. We intend to achieve that while still providing high performance products to motorized vehicles and equipment markets. As an important step to realize this dynamic vision, we have developed a new logo and positioning statement that will help carry the company to global market leadership," said Pierre Marcouiller, chairman and CEO of Camoplast Inc.