Canada prints commemorative stamps honoring CCM, Indian

Publish Date: 
Jun 5, 2013

OTTAWA, Ont. - Canada Post has unveiled the first two Permanent domestic rate stamps in a new set dedicated to the country's contributions to motorcycle manufacturing and design. The two stamps showcase very early models, the CCM 1908 Lightweight Motor Cycle and a 1914 Indian.

"When motorcycles first captured the imagination of adventurers, Canada's entrepreneurs, designers and manufacturers were there," said Jim Phillips, director of stamp services at Canada Post.

Canada Cycle and Motor Co. in the early 1900s became the first to step into the emerging motorcycle market in that country. The company reportedly created only a few models; the 1908 (see image, right) was among the first CCM and used a Swiss-designed engine that could be attached to a conventional bicycle frame.

U.S.-based Indian Motorcycle Co., then called Hendee Manufacturing Co., opened a plant in Toronto in 1912. "The Indian became the bike of choice for Canadian racer 'Wild Joe' Baribeau, who rode it to provincial and national racing championships," Canada Post stated. The bike's success triggered a boom in demand from North American police departments and military units.

The stamps showcase two views of each bike: the top view from the rider's perspective and then a profile shot. Each pressure-sensitive stamp meaures 32mm x 32 mm. Souvenir sheets and framed enlargements are available by clicking HERE.

Canada Post press release posted by Mary Slepicka