Canadian Dealer Wins Best Promotion Award


Trying to reach new customer bases? Consider ways in which your real estate can benefit the local or regional community, and not just with motorcycles.

As a Honda Powerhouse dealership, British Columbia's V.I. Honda takes advantage of all the standard media and promotional campaigns. Last year, however, its owners (Dale and Jana Erickson) knew they needed something that would make the store stand out.

So V.I. Honda partnered up with a national dental supply company to hold a mini trade show for the dental industry right inside the dealership's showroom. Sure, the event filled the floor with items not often seen in a motorcycle shop, but it managed to expose V.I. Honda to an entirely new customer base. The result? Two new-unit sales to people who had not planned on purchasing anything (aside from perhaps a new dental pick, of course). The Top 100 judges were so tickled with this campaign that they gave V.I. Honda the award for Best Promotion during Friday night's Top 100 awards. — Dennis Johnson