Canadian group seeks greater ATV regulation

Publish Date: 
Jul 18, 2014

LUMSDEN, Sask. -- The general manager of the Saskatchewan ATV Association said that a "troubling upward trend" in fatal crashes shows the need for mandatory training.

The province had its fifth fatal crash of the year Wednesday, and set a record in 2013 with eight ATV fatalities. Speed was believed to be a factor in the most recent crash, and the victim was not wearing a helmet.

John Meed, general manager of SATVA, told the StarPhoenix that crashes will likely increase unless the provincial government steps in to mandate safety training.

"It takes a lot of skill to operate these machines, especially in rough terrain," Meed said. "It's even worse than a car. Things can happen fairly quickly on an ATV if you're bouncing off a rock or bouncing off a branch or trying to climb things."

Anyone over the age of 16 with a valid driver's license can operate an ATV, but riders must wear helmets when driving off their own properties. In December, Meed asked the provincial government to consider requiring ATVs to be registered, like snowmobiles. But unlike snowmobiles, which are actually used for transportation, many people only use ATVs as recreational vehicles, on private property.

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