Canadian Recall On BMW G650X

Canadian owners of 2007 model year BMW G650X Moto, G650X Challenge and G650X Country motorcycles may want to visit their dealerships for two different situations.

Transport Canada says the left-side chain tensioner on some G650X Moto models has been incorrectly installed on the right side. A recall (#2007323) warns that a hex nut, which is used to secure the chain tensioner, is improperly seated against the tensioner. Consequently, loosening of the chain tensioner and the rear wheel axle may occur. This could lead to a condition in which the motorcycle is unstable, increasing the risk of a crash.

Transport Canada says the fuel pump wiring harness on G650X Challenge and G650X Country motorcycles may not have been manufactured according to specification.

A recall (#2007331) warns that the plug for the fuel pump can break, causing the pump to fail. Should this happen, fuel delivery to the engine would cease and stalling would occur. Engine stalling would result in lost propulsion, which in conjunction with traffic and road conditions, and the rider's reactions, could increase the risk of a crash.

Owners are asked to bring their bikes to a dealership for installation of a right side chain tensioner and replacement of the wiring harness.