The Carlson Company's nifty scan tool makes repairs faster, easier

Publish Date: 
Nov 14, 2011

Dealers and service techs can benefit from the new MS5650 scan tool from The Carlson Company. The tool (touted as the “best available scan tool on the market”) helps techs diagnose and repair issues with motorcycles and ATVs. Common procedures dealing with injectors, ignitions, coils and more have been programmed into the tool so that the tech can follow them, the company says.


About 39 different motorcycle, ATV and scooter brands have been pre-programmed into the tool, the company says, so that techs can perform factory service procedures with ease. The scan tool can display live data, ECU data, and can read stored history. Updates for the tool are available annually, and can be updated using “Smart Card” technology.

Contact: The Carlson Company, 800-222-6199,