Carolina Honda Rewards Great Grades


Carolina Honda concluded its second annual Great Grades Promotion on Saturday, December 5th, by sending seven-year-old Brandon Miller home with a new 2009 Honda CRF70.

Carolina Honda General Manager Jim Wertman, who wanted to encourage kids to earn good grades in school, created the Great Grades Promotion for students near the Columbia, South Carolina dealership. Children from the first through sixth grades can enter the random drawing for a new motorcycle, but they must have a report card with all Bs or better.

Miller’s name was drawn on Saturday, and the straight-A student chose the 70cc dirt bike from his choice of a 50, 70, 80 or 100cc model. Miller also won a full set of safety gear provided by Tucker-Rocky. The other participants received a certificate commemorating their good grades, and will have their photos on Carolina Honda’s Red Riders Wall of Honor for a year.

The Great Grades Promotion has generated a lot of exposure for Carolina Honda, thanks in large part to a partnership with local Fox affiliate WACH TV. Parents of the 200 children involved in the promotion have been supportive, as well. “After the first promotion last year, so many parents wrote in, called or came by the store and asked us to continue,” says Wertman. “You always hear about a kid doing something wrong, but we want to hear about kids doing something right.”