Carter Brothers Expands Line of SxS vehicles, Buggies and Go-Karts

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Dec 18, 2009

For 2010, Carter Brothers will introduce two new go-karts models, the Revo Buggy line and the Matrix line of side-by-sides — a total of nine new new models with plans for more.

The Eclipse I and Eclipse II are the company's newest go-karts, both powered by a CBM 6.5 hp 4-stroke engine. The karts also feature chassis built from 1.5 inch-tubular steel, a dual a-arm front suspension and swing arm rear suspension. The Eclipse II model features live axle 2-wheel drive while the other kart comes standard with 1-wheel drive.

The Eclipse models offer both driver and passengers a comfortable and exciting ride and come in five colors — blue, red, orange, yellow with a black frame, and Realtree Hardwoods camouflage. Each kart features adjustable bucket seats and three-point seat belts.

The Revo line will include three models: the Revo 600, the Revo 300 and the Revo 150. The latter is powered by a SYM 150cc, 12.5hp 4-stroke, four-valve engine. An automatic CVT drive and reverse gear box provide consistent power and offers a reported 30 percent more hp and torque than other engines in this class.

Available in red and blue, the Revo features a streamlined shape, matte black wheels and a cockpit that can accommodate a wide variety of occupants who are secured by four-point harnesses. The Revo also comes standard with a 2 inch rear trailer hitch receiver.

The Matrix line will eventually include five different models — the Matrix 600 AWD, the Matrix 300, the Matrix 150, the Matrix EV, and the Matrix HYB (a true gas/electric hybrid vehicle). For now, Carter Brothers is launching the 150cc and 300cc versions of the side-by-side with the other models to follow in Spring 2010.

Both new models come with SYM 4-stroke, four-valve motors with ceramic-coated cylinders. The smaller-displacement model comes with an automatic CVT featuring reverse, a dual a-arm front suspension and swing arm rear, while the larger model's automatic transmission has high, low, neutral and reverse and has a dual a-arm broad based geometric long travel suspension.

Carter Brothers also includes the Transformer XP mini-bike in its 2010 catalog. "Carter puts a new spin on this popular style of bike and introduces the Transformer," the company writes." The 50cc mini-bike is built around a unique steel chassis and uses a cantilever front suspension and a single shock on its rear swing arm. The transformer fires up via electric start or kick and has dual headlights and Duro Knobby tires.

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Posted by Dennis Johnson