Changes To eBay Motors Fee Structure Sept. 2

eBay Motors is lowering insertion fees for all vehicle listings but will raise the "Successful Listing" fee — charged only if the item sells — next month.

Starting Sept. 2, all members will qualify for free insertion fees on their first four vehicle listings, with a Successful Listing fee of $125. Sellers who list more than four vehicles in a 12-month period will be charged a $20 insertion fee and a $100 Successful Listing Fee.

Today, eBay charges sellers a $40 insertion fee and a $50 Successful Listing fee.

The fee changes will apply to listings in the Cars & Trucks, Boats, and all Other Vehicles categories. Vehicles listed in the Motorcycles and Powersports categories will follow the same structure, "but with slightly lower fees," according to eBay, which has not disclosed the specifics for powersports listings.

The effect of fee change is more dramatic in Canada, where eBay is also moving to the same new fee structure. Previously on eBay Motors Canada, there was a $4.25 listing fee and a $50 Successful Listing fee (Transaction Services Fee).